Clean Machine Kitchen offers a new menu, featuring 3 seasonal entrees, every week.

The new menu is posted every Wednesday, for delivery the following Tuesday.
You can find the menu here on our website, Instagram (@cleanmachinekitchen), and via email if you are an email subscriber.

We use fresh, local ingredients sourced from farmers on the Central Coast. Organic ingredients are used as often as possible. All of our proteins are free-range, all natural, and free of added hormones. All meals are 100% gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free - always!

Orders will contain a variety of all three meals, unless specifically stated in comments section of your order. 


We ONLY accept orders through our website (if your here, you are in the right place!)

Here you can select the number of meals you wish to receive (10, 12, 15, or 20) and select your desired pickup location - we have over 10 locations on the Central Coast!
Orders must be placed by Friday at 2pm (for delivery the following Tuesday).

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Not ready to commit?
ndividual meals are available at select pickup locations (availability is subject to change daily/weekly and not guaranteed, pricing may vary).


You will receive an email confirmation 'your order is ready of pickup' once your order has been delivered to your selected pickup location. 

Orders are guaranteed to be ready for pickup every Tuesday, as soon as your selected pickup location is open for business. 

Please visit our Pickup Locations & Hours page to view a list of our current pickup locations and their business hours.
Hours of operation for each pickup location is subject to change without notice.
Please check with the business directly if you have questions about their hours of operation.