Menu for a delivery Tuesday June 27th

Menu for a delivery Tuesday June 27th

Well well well… if it isn’t me asking for input from you on a menu and using none of it 😆. I will use all ideas for next week and or future menus, promise ! This week was inspired by my recent trip to Costa Rica. To be honest, I ate beef/steak 3 times a day for 9 days . I lived off of rib eyes, beef tenderloin and churrasco. What I did notice at every meal was all the ingredients were fresh, locally grown and sustainable . In Costa Rica they don’t know what a pesticide is, or GMO’s. It’s all LOCAL and organic by default . I can tell you first hand that my body has never felt better than the 9 days I spent eating whole food ingredients all day every day. To drink untainted water, zero GMO’s, pesticide free vegetables, organic and hormone free meat. It was life changing.

As soon as I returned home, after my first meal back I did NOT feel well. Part of my trip was filled with anger and animosity. I was frustrated that we think the “organic” and “real” food we consume here in the states is a healthy option. The illusion of choice and balance . I saw people who had so little who were so happy, they ate what they wanted to when they wanted and didn’t know what a gluten allergy was . This does not exist in other parts of the world, but it sure does here in our country.

It’s become extremely important to me to find the healthiest and honest options to source our ingredients for all of you through my business . I can’t change the world all at once, but we can start here in the Clean Machine kitchen . I promise to do my best to give you only the best I can possibly fine , true honest food .

Sometimes you have to wonder  outside of your bubble and comfort zone , brush up on your Spanish and immerse yourself into life and other cultures . If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s probably good for you. 


On another note, here’s the new menu for next weeks delivery. Partially inspired by my trip to Central America . Especially the grilled beef with chimichurri, because honestly it’s all I ate ; with a side of rice and veggies . I don’t know what more you could want in a meal. Simple, delicious, wholesome . 

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